Movie Recommendation- Midnight Sun

Hello everyone,

So today’s movie recommendation is MIDNIGHT SUN. Starring Bella Thorne as Katie Price who has a rare genetic disorder Xeroderma Pigmentosum. It is a sensitivity to sunlight and it could kill her. She meets a guy and they fall in love… the rest you will have to find out on your own.

Score 10/10

Bella Thorne is an amazing actress and I sincerely love almost every movie of hers I ever saw.

I can say that I cried watching this movie and people really need to watch it if you haven’t yet. For those of you who have watched it tell me if you liked it or not!

That’s all for now,




Help me!

Hi friends,

I just need a teeny favour from you all. Please take the time to poll me your answer! I promise your vote is anonymous and no one will know you ever did it! I am conducting a little personal research because I am in school! (Psychology major).

Please don’t be afraid, I know my poll isn’t the greatest of things to answer!

Click the link below!


I will also be posting polls more regularly if I can get some feedback!

Have you ever been abused by your boyfriend or girlfriend? Please vote. It is anonymous!

I Think I Might Be Psycho

Hello there bloggers,

So you obviously can see what I will be writing about today.  I honestly think I might be crazy.

My rage can go from 0 to 1000 in a matter of seconds. Then once I am there I just start crying and I am already (excuse my language) bitching at whoever has made me mad (mostly my boyfriend.)

Sometimes I wonder why he is still with me. I feel like I should be in an insane asylum. I’m just that crazy. Of course I don’t get physical or anything it is just I literally turn into a raging bitch.

I start yelling and once I’m there I just can’t even be around the person I am angry at. The things that go through my head when I am angry I just worry about myself. How can I let myself get so aggravated over even the littlest of things?

Right now as I am typing this I am sipping a Dr. Pepper and my mind is going through everything that just happened and as I sit here so angry at my boyfriend.. my heart feels heavy..

I know I was a little idiotic and I still don’t plan on apologizing for anything. Sometimes I feel as though he doesn’t take into consideration the things I feel about the things that he does.

I know at this point I am rambling but I just needed to write and type and get my feelings kind of out and who better to talk to then my lovely followers on a blogging site. I really hope none of you think I am crazy, but I do think I am.


That’s the best word I can describe how I feel about the things that I do. Now I will be going to go sit outside with my boyfriend for a minute and stop being so crazy.

Thank you for reading this far.




Life is Hectic.

Hi, Hi, Hi…

Good loooorrd… life is really hectic. I have so much going on and I am sinking all at once.

I am so excited I am doing online classes and I am excited about it starting tomorrow and everything, it’s just I know that a lot will be happening. I have a lot of things due on the same day and I also have 2 things due on the day I go and take my Real Estate Exam (Wednesday.)

Also, my car is breaking down and won’t even make it out of town now when I have to go to the school tomorrow and buy my books for my classes and I will have to have a vehicle to drive to my Broker’s office whenever I officially get into Real Estate and start selling houses.

Then I will have to drive and meet people to show them houses whenever I have appointments but I won’t even have a working car. Ugh.. so you can see how I would call my life hectic right?

On a side note, I did make some Stuffed bell peppers for supper tonight (pictured above) and they turned out fabulous!






I’m taking my Real Estate Exam!

Hello bloggers,

I am beyond excited to announce that I am taking my Louisiana Real Estate Exam next week. It is a really exciting moment for me because I have been waiting to take it for months now! 🙂

I would consider myself an ambitious person, maybe sometimes a little too much. There are many things I want to do in my life and I know I won’t be able to do everything. I’m just taking it one step at a time though.

  • Take Real Estate Classes- Done.
  • Take Real Estate Test and pass it. – In progress
  • Get my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. – In progress
  • When I get my Bachelor’s Degree I will work in the social service field.
  • Go onto either my Master’s Degree or MAYBE get into Law School. – first goal is still in progress so I can’t continue until that one is finished.

I wanted to be a Veterinarian but for reasons like not being able to handle blood or cutting an animal open I already knew that wasn’t for me.

I wanted to be an Early Childhood Education 2nd grade teacher, I even went as far as taking a whole semester of college classes this past semester before finally changing my major back to Psychology.

I wanted to be a Lawyer, as of right now, that is still an option. I’m not sure what I will do with my life as of now. Like I had said, I will take it one step at a time. However, I will be minoring in Paralegal studies so I might go on to be a Paralegal for awhile… who know’s what the future holds?

I am just too excited that I will be getting to take my test next week. Maybe I will actually be able to make some type of money with a Real Estate License.

Prayers would indeed be appreciated!!




Wine, Wine, Wine

Hello viewers,

Do you think you know what this post is about? If you guessed wine then obviously you are CORRECT. At least half right. I am actually here to ask if anyone could tell me a good kind of REALLY SWEET wine.

No matter where I go or what I get it is always too bitter for my liking. I really want to like Wine but at this point I’m close to giving up and just sticking to not drink anything at all.

Has anyone out there tried Barefoot wine and does it taste sweet?

If anyone gives me any recommendations when I say sweet wine I mean really sweet. I don’t want to taste even a drop of dry wine. Ugh. I need help!!




Movie Recommendation: The Notebook (2004)

I am here today for all of you women and even men who just love romantic and even a little bit of comedy movies!! I know this movie is old already (14 years to be exact.)

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling make the cutest couple in The Notebook and I swear if you are a sensitive girl or guy you will for sure cry throughout this movie!! (Don’t worry, I cry like a baby.)

For the people who haven’t seen this movie before it is about a girl, Allie, who meets a guy at the carnival, Noah, and at first she thinks he is goofy and an obvious flirt, but eventually they go on a date because Allie is tricked by her other friends and Noah and after that night everything is history. They fall in love and of course her parent’s don’t approve………

What happens next? Uhm, how about you just stop and go watch the movie to find out. ❤

If you have watched it please let me know how you liked it.

I would give it a rating of 10/10 because it is my favorite movie ever. ❤ I could watch it multiple times a day if my boyfriend would let me! ❤






P.S: There is an important plot of the story that I didn’t even tell you so obviously you need to go find out what it is! ❤